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In order for you to feel comfortable, be successful and to abide by UK law it is necessary that those wishing to pierce ears receive the required training and certification.

There are several ways in which training can be administrated.

  1. In Store Personal Training
    Our Training Representative will visit your premises and will conduct a personal training course.
  2. Seminar Venues
    You can receive training at one of our many Seminar Venues. Please click on the link to find a suitable course.
  3. NEW Virtual Training
    Via Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, Facetime or any other platform. Obviously conducted in the comfort of your own home / premises.
  4. College Training
    We will liaise directly with each College / Tutor to arrange the most convenient date / time for the Ear-Piercing training.
  5. Refresher Course
    If you are looking just for a refresher course then we can accommodate your needs with our On-Line Questionnaire.

If any of the above training options are required then please complete the enquiry form or contact us by phone on 01296 434158.

Caflon Ear Piercing Training
ABT Accredited

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