Caflon Retail Opportunities

BLU_cards Fashion Sense

Pierce or Purchase

Find our studs in convenient single pair packs, not only to pierce but also provide your business with an attractive point of sale. To increase impulse purchases and boost your retail profits, it’s never been easier. To place an order please call us on 01296 434158 or

The Caflon Rotating Display offers two opportunities.

  • Firstly your business can continue to use the items to pierce ears. Instead of the studs being sold in a pack of 12 they are carded as individual pairs.
  • Secondly, they can be sold as a piece of jewellery. With the stand being positioned as a point of sale it will attract many an impulse purchase increasing the Retailers profit opportunities.
Caflon Blu Display

Caflon Blu Retail Stand

Caflon Original Display

Caflon Original Retail Stand

Caflon Fashion Sense

Fashion Sense Retail Stand

Caflon Young Fashion Sense

Young Sense Retail Stand