Image of Caflon Book

Caflon Registration Book

An important piece of equipment in the Professional Piercers tool box. The Book acts as an authorisation and ear piercing application/release form. It clearly denotes all responsibilities between piercer and client.

Contains 100 forms per book.

Image of Caflon Wipes

Caflon Cleansing Wipes

Alcohol pre-piercing wipe saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Pack 100 wipes.

Image of Caflon Pen

Caflon Pen

A specially formulated non-toxic marker pen. With a fine tip point allowing you to easily mark the point of piercing.

Image of Caflon Original

Caflon Original Display
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Image of Caflon Blu

Caflon Palette Displays gives clients the full and comprehensive range of styles available in their respective piercing systems.